Tandoori Chicken

Chicken is marinated overnight with various spices, herbs and yogurt, then grilled in a Tandoor.


Chicken Tikka

Chicken tikka chunks marinated with yogurt and tikka spices and grilled over charcoal


Fried Chicken Tikka Bangalorian Style

a Deep fried chicken tikka chunks marinated with red chili and spices.


Mutton & Fish

Mutton Tikka

Boneless chunks of mutton marinated with Yogurt and Indian spices


Mutton Seekh Kebab

Minced mutton skewered kebabs


Fish Tikka

Fish chunks marinated with spices and yogurt


Tandoori Pomfret

Full Fish marinated with tandoori masala and cooked in clay oven



Tomato Shorba With Oats Moroccan Style

Tomatoes soup with oats seasoned with aromatic Moroccan spices


Chicken Yakhni Shorba With Veggies

Chicken soup with mild Indian spices and aromatic saffron


Mutton Shorba

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Paneer Tikka

Cottage cheese cubes marinated with spiced yogurt and cooked in a clay oven.


Chandni Paneer Tikka

Cottage cheese cubes marinated with yogurt and cheese, cooked in a clay oven finished with Chandi warq


Tandoori Nazakat Aloo

Potatoes Stuffed with Nuts and Cottage Cheese with Bhuna Jeera Mint Foam


Shabnam Ke Moti

Paneer stuffed mushrooms, marinated with spices and fresh cream and cooked in tandoor.


Shaso Food Fusion

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